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If your loved one just passed away and the cremation services in Garden Grove, CA, are completed, the next step might require you to take the ashes to a different location. Several steps are involved in this process, and it can be helpful to have extra information to complete it successfully. So, we are here with tips and ideas to help you prepare for the experience.

Flying Domestically

Fortunately, flying with the remains isn’t a new experience, and most airlines are prepared for this and understand it’s necessary for some people. In most cases, the remains will be able to be transported this way, but the airline will need to determine if they are air cargo, a carry-on, or checked luggage.

Start by going to the airline’s website and searching for the section that has information about transporting cremated remains. This step can give you a better understanding of what the airline requires and do this at least a week in advance so there are no delays in your journey.

You will also need to go through security when you get to the airport, which involves TSA. You need a vessel that can be scanned clearly when going through security. And TSA will not open the container, so picking an easily scanned material is crucial. A few great options include plastic, wood, cardboard, and fiberboard, and the ashes can be placed back into the original container once you are through security.

Another recommendation is to attach any important information to the urn, including the following:

And if you have any further concerns, you can always contact a funeral home in the destination you are traveling to see if there are any local regulations you need to follow.

International Travelcremation services in Garden Grove, CA

Traveling internationally can be more complex, so one of the most beneficial things you can do is to contact the embassy of the country you are traveling to. Each location has its own set of rules and regulations on how to transport the ashes, so it’s essential to speak to someone directly or via e-mail to get your information because websites aren’t always regularly updated.

You will also want to complete this step at least two weeks before the trip. This is because you may need unique documents or paperwork for customs and don’t want to experience any delays in your trip. And if you still have any remaining questions, like flying domestically, you can contact a funeral in the destination location to get any specific local regulations or rules.

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Traveling with the remains is a much easier process when you understand all the steps involved, and with some research, the experience can be successful. Finding the proper support is crucial, and if you are looking for professional cremation services in Garden Grove, CA, we are here to help. We have been serving our community with dedication and commitment and offer multiple service options, so contact us today.