All forms in Adobe PDF Format unless otherwise noted

We are here to help and make this process a little easier. All proper and legal documents are here on our website. We hope this will help you fill out the paperwork in the comfort of your home.

REMEMBER: If you do not understand the forms, please call us at anytime for assistance, we welcome you to come into our facilities at no extra charge. There are five (4) ways of providing the proper forms to us after you fill them out, and sign the proper signatures lines.

  1. Fax it back to us at (714) 994-6778.
  2. You can email them back to us at
  3. We will meet you at your home or office to make the necessary arrangements.
  4. Bring them in to our funeral home.

The first six (6) forms are required for legal cremation to take place. They will need to be completed, to the best of your ability, and make sure all information is true and correct.

  1. Death Certificate
    Please complete the Personal information on the Death Certificate form. This is pretty much self explanatory. Please state on our form, how many Certified Copies of the Death Certificate you will need. We also will need phone numbers, and email if you so desire to communicate.
  2. Authorization to Accept or Decline Embalming
    Please fill out the top portion, and signature is required by the legal next of kin. We as a Funeral Home will be the place for “Storage or Embalming”. We as a Funeral Director, will signed the bottom portion of the page.
  3. Authorization for Release of Remains
    Please fill out the top half of the release. Please fill in the location of where your loved is currently located. At the bottom, Please sign and date. The legal next of kin, will need to sign.
    The top portion of the Cremation should be filled out as so shown. If you are unsure of certain statements and answers, please leave blank. You will need to acknowledge if your loved one has any type of mechanical devices, and if so, please state of type it is, and how it should be disposed. PACEMAKERS will be required to be removed. If your loved one does not have one, then you will need to state: N/A, and initial next to the N/A. In the State of California, it is required that we obtain the legal next of kin for Proper and Legal signature for the Cremation to take place. Here is a listing of the legal next of kin for signature that will be accepted:

    • DPOA (Durable Power of Attorney). Understand that Power of Attorney will cease when death occurs. The DPOA will need to state that the DPOA has authority for disposition.
    • SPOUSE
    • ADULT LIVING CHILDREN: (Note: In the State of California, Majority rule works, So understand that if there are more than one Adult living Child, we will need the Majority signatures. If there are TWO living adult Children, Both will be required to sign. If there are THREE Living adult Children, then the Two out of Three will be required.
    • PARENTS: most of the time both living parents are required to sign for cremation. If one Parent is deceased, then just the remaining Parent will be allowed to sign.
    • SIBLINGS (Brothers and Sisters), again, this will be Majority rule.
    • INFANTS or CHILDREN under 18 years of age: Both parents will be required to sign.
    • EXECUTOR who holds and contains the will of statement showing the Loved ones wish.

    Please note: ALL of the legal next of kin will need to sign BOTH the Official Cremation form (#4) and the Declaration of Disposition for cremated remains form (#5).

    For ALL of the legal next of kin, one signature goes on the Official Cremation form (#4), and two more signatures go in two places on Declaration of Disposition form (#5).

  5. Declaration for Disposition of Cremated Remains
    This is basically a Statement of Facts. All information will need to complete. We, as a Funeral Home, will complete where the cremation will take place. You will need to state what you, as the legal next of kin, will be doing, and where the final place of disposition will be for the cremated remains, ie: Cemetery, or Memorial Park, scatter-at-sea, scatter-at-land (this is supposed to have written authorization), or Residence. Need address and/or place of location. Whomever is signing the Official Cremation Authorization will also be required to sign the Declaration of Cremated Remains. There are TWO places for any and all legal next of kin to sign. NEED to place all legal next of kin on the person with the right to control dispassion. All legal and authorized signatures are required and the date of signature. You need to match the same names and signatures on the line: The names contracting for cremation services. We understand that there is only one line for signatures, so please sign next to each other, of the solid line above the Signed. The date is also needed. We as a funeral Director will sign, and date, and place our license number.
  6. Disclosure of Preneed Funeral Agreement
    This is an acknowledgment that your loved one has not made any type of paid Pre-arrangements with Sunnyside Cremation and Funeral. Legal next of kin will just need to sign and date. IF: your loved one has made Pre-arrangements, then we are required to provide copies of all forms, documents etc. We, as the Funeral Director will sign, and complete the form.
  7. One Time Credit Card Payment Authorization Form
  8. General Price List
  9. Los Angeles Coroner Release Form
    One of these coroner forms only need to be signed if your loved one is at a Coroner’s facility. Please make sure the Coroner’s Case number is on the form, and the legal next of kin will be required to sign.
  10. Orange County Coroner Release Form
  11. San Bernardino County Coroner Release Form
  12. Riverside County Coroner Release Form

Questions and Answers:

*Are we Family-owned and operated… Yes !
*Be aware… Many funeral homes and cremation operations represent that they are locally owned and operated, when in fact, they operate outside our State of California, or even outside our community. Some even advertise low prices, when they are part of a large conglomerate, and possibly owned by a publicly traded company on the stock market. So many just use a service to pick up, and use a crematory, and they even make you pick up your loved ones cremates somewhere else, because; they are not locally owned.
*We get calls from families asking if we own our own crematory… may we state the following, What is important, is how your loved one is being treated, how you loved one is given the respect that person deserves. We have witnessed funeral homes that own their own crematory, and I can honestly state, we are disappointed (even upset) how a loved one is being held, and even mis-treated… For peace of mind, trust us, in how your loved one is in our care.
*We do follow the law to the fullest extent, and cremate your loved one alone, and legally in one Cremation Chamber at a time.
*We do not remove gold teeth.
*We do place the Cremated Remains in a plastic urn (We have a large selection of urns also)
*We do our best to have the cremation complete within a week. NOTE: This process of completion is entirely up to the doctor, and his/her part of completing and signing the Death Certificate, also, the coroner may have jurisdiction, and may delay the process.
*We do our best to obtain Certified Death Certificates as quick as possible. (Depending on the county of death.)
*Are we licensed and legal in the State of California… Yes !

Please call us if you have any questions. Thank you for allowing us to serve your family.
See numbers below. 

Our Policy: It is our Policy that payment be made in full 48 hours prior to burial and cremation services are performed. We do not require payment upfront before we make the removal of your loved one.

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