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In most situations, the payment will be due before the services can be scheduled with funeral homes in Garden Grove, CA. This is why it’s essential to have some plan to ensure that funding is set up specifically for the event. There are multiple ways to cover the cost of the expenses, and each has its benefit and risk, so here are the top five.

Pre-Paid Options

In a best-case scenario, the loved one would already have a plan and have the services paid for. Some plans are based on a contract and can either be paid for with an insurance policy or over an extended period. Some funeral homes will lock in a price with the extended agreement, so consider this option.


It’s not uncommon for some individuals to have an insurance policy after they pass away for their loved ones to utilize. There are some businesses that offer an advanced funding option to help pay for the expenses, and then once the policy is paid out, the family can pay for the services then. In most cases, the funding can be received between 24 and 48 hours in advance, and there may be a small fee involved with this.

Checking and Savings Accountsfuneral homes in Garden Grove, CA

Using the individual’s personal accounts may also be a great option. There may even be a named beneficiary for the assets that they have, and this can be set up as a payment option that will pay out after the person passes away. One benefit to these types of accounts as they may offer some interest to help with inflation, but they are not considered exempt from Medicaid, so if the individual had any debts or liens, the money could be used for that instead.


If the family members have no finances in place for the event, there are options online now through crowdfunding sources. This consists of agencies like GoFundMe that will set up a platform where outside individuals can make a donation. This can be a highly beneficial option because it allows the community to contribute and offers a sense of connection and support.

Local Agencies

The last recommendation is to check with other local agencies if there is no funding. The Social Security Administration and Veterans’ Association offer a one-time benefit payout if the recipient qualifies. It can also be helpful to check with local charities and churches to see if they have any options or funding in place to contribute.

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Paying for the event can be one of the more stressful experiences for individuals but having some options in place can make it an easier experience. And if you are looking for exceptional funeral homes in Garden Grove, CA, we are a source for compassionate care in all your planning needs. Our team of experts works hard to help our clients make informed decisions and create truly memorable events, so contact us today.