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Loss is a complex experience, and while working with one of the funeral homes in Garden Grove, CA, can help lay the individual to rest, letting people know about the individual passing away can feel complicated. Each person will have their own experience, so understanding different tips and strategies to make the announcement more manageable is critical, and we have just a few listed below.

Prepare Yourself

The first recommendation is to ensure you are prepared to give the news. This could consist of taking extra time with deep breathing or mindfulness practices, and you might consider writing down or going over what you’re going to say before letting them know because this can help you feel more grounded in the process.

Don’t Have Expectations

The fact is, each person can have a different reaction to something as profound as a loss. It can bring out many emotions, and if they aren’t accustomed to grief, they may cry, become overwhelmed, or even laugh to help cope with the feelings they are experiencing. So it is recommended to refrain from having any expectations should respond and do your best to be present for their experience as they’re taking in the information.

Be Direct

You also want to be direct when you’re delivering the information and avoid saying things like lost or have been taken because this can be confusing period be direct about what has happened and use words like died, dead, and passed on to help ensure the person understands what has happened.

Give the News in a Comfortable Space

Some people can also have a strong physical reaction, and if they’re in a public space, this could be embarrassing for them. Another helpful recommendation is to ensure they are in a comfortable and safe location or seated before delivering the news. Additionally, it’s best to let them know in person so you can offer a sense of support or comfort for them if you’re able. They may want to share stories or memories about the deceased, do your best to use this as an opportunity to share and create comfort in a challenging time.

Using Social Mediafuneral homes in Garden Grove, CA

while telling people in person and over the phone are the recommended methods, some individuals may need to be told over social media. While this can feel somewhat impersonal, you want to be sure that you have notified any close friends or family members before making the post, wait 24 to 48 hours to deliver the news, and be selective in your wording to include empathy for those finding out online.

We Offer Compassionate Care and Exceptional Services

While there is no easy way to let others know about loss, applying these steps can simplify it. Planning a memorable service starts with working with one of the funeral homes in Garden Grove, CA, and we are here to provide you with exceptional care. We offer empathy and compassion and would love to help you through the process, so call us today to get started.