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Myths can be devastating because they can alter the reality of things and make the experience harder for people. When it comes to grief, it’s no small feat to navigate through even after the funeral services in Irvine, CA, and the loved one is laid to rest. Understanding the different myths about grief is critical, so we have a list of five common ones to help clarify the experience.

Grief has a Set Time Limit

This first myth is untrue because everyone has a different experience of suffering a loss. It will all depend on the situation, the relationship, and if there are regrets or if they were able to find closure after the loved one passed away. Loss can be challenging, and they may not know how to navigate feelings, so there is no time frame on how long it will take.

Life Will Return to Normal After Grief

Another common misconception is that life will return to where it was before the individual passed away, and this isn’t always the case. If you were extremely close to the individual, this can create a space they would normally occupy, and it can be challenging to know how to move past that. And in some cases, it may not be possible; however, communities, activities, and grief support are available to help make the process more manageable.

Time Heals Everything

This common myth can be painful to realize is not true. While time can heal many things, not all can be healed fully, and while there may be methods for coping with the discomfort or the pain, some individuals may never fully get past the loss. What typically happens is as time goes by, it becomes easier to navigate grief, making it more manageable and easier to process.

You Can’t Grieve Something that was Never Yours

just because you didn’t have something doesn’t mean that there’s not a part of you that won’t long to have it. This could be managing estranged parents wishing for a relationship with them or someone who has an unlived life or dreams they didn’t follow. In both cases, it is possible even if they didn’t have the experience because part of them longed to have the experience.

Your Family and Friends Will Offer the Best Support funeral services in Irvine, CA

While this is the best-case scenario for anyone going through a loss, this isn’t typically the case. Many cultures require family and friends to show up after an individual has passed away; however, for others, it’s not uncommon, for there should be inconsistency as people begin to move on after the loss and the bereaved are still suffering. This is where it’s crucial to have healthy grief support, whether it’s a therapist or group to talk about and express emotions.

Exceptional Services from a Trusted Name

These are just a few of the common misconceptions and myths around grief to help you better understand the reality of this experience. Having proper support is critical after last, and if you need professional funeral services in Irvine, CA, our team is here to help. We offer exceptional services, so call us today to schedule an appointment.