Owners of Sunnyside Mortuary, Charles and Nina, are grateful to be able to extend their services to families from a variety of religious backgrounds and perspectives throughout Garden Grove, CA, and its adjoining regions. As we strive to meet the changing needs of our diverse community, we are proud to offer Korean funerals right here in Garden Grove, CA. We recognize the importance of honoring cultural traditions and ensuring that every aspect of the funeral service is handled with utmost respect and sensitivity. Our dedicated staff is experienced in accommodating Korean funerals’ unique customs and rituals, and we are committed to providing a dignified and meaningful service for your loved one.
Respecting tradition is not just a practicality for us—it’s our task. Let us help you through this sensitive time with the elegance, perception, and acumen Sunnyside Mortuary is known for. Contact us today at (714) 932-8091 to talk about how we can aid you in composing a meaningful and apposite farewell for your beloved.


A Family-Owned Korean Mortuary in Garden Grove, CA

Charles and Nina An are proud to be part of the Garden Grove, California, community and its nearby regions. Together with their dedicated team over the past seven years, they have served more than 3000 individuals with unwavering commitment and passion. Their aspiration as a family-owned funeral service is to continue providing support for generations to come while celebrating the lives of many with a healing and positive impact.
Sunnyside Mortuary is dedicated to providing cost-effective funeral services well below the California and national averages while upholding the highest standards of service and care. Our cremation options feature the Farewell (direct) Cremation, while our burial packages start with the Cherished Burial.
If you’re looking to honor the memory of a dear one, you can choose from various service options, including both burial and cremation, to suit your preferences. Cremation opens up unique possibilities for creating a personalized and meaningful tribute without having to forgo traditional funeral customs.


Korean Funeral Rituals and Customs in Garden Grove, CA

With a wealth of experience spanning decades in the funeral industry, Sunnyside Mortuary is dedicated to delivering personalized Farewell Cremation services that pay tribute to the diverse aspects of Korean funeral customs right here in Garden Grove, CA. We are committed to offering a considerate and compassionate journey from beginning to end, ensuring your cherished family member receives a dignified farewell. Our Korean Mortuary in Garden Grove, CA, is focused on ensuring a dignified farewell to the deceased. With this aim in mind, we follow all customary practices, religious protocols, and cultural norms to ensure a revered and graceful ceremony.
Suppose you’re looking for a dignified and respectful way to honor your Korean roots in the Garden Grove, CA area. In that case, you can find the ceremonial Farewell Cremation services you need from an experienced team at Sunnyside Mortuary. We specialize in Korean Mortuary and Funeral services.


Understanding Korean Funerals: Everything you need to know

Historically, Korean funeral services were tailored to the deceased’s social status, with durations of three, five, seven, or nine days. Nowadays, most funerals take place on the third day after the individual’s passing, following a standard schedule of:

  • Conventionally, the initial phase of a funeral ceremony occurs at the funeral home, where friends and family of the deceased gather to collectively pay their respects and observe their final rites with reverence. Subsequent to this, a procession proceeds to the burial site, with geomancers playing a crucial role in the identification of favorable burial locations. While en route, they oversee the procession and carry out ceremonies at the gravesite.
  • The funeral ritual includes a tradition called “noje,” which involves a roadside memorial dedicated to the departed, symbolizing their journey to the afterlife. During this custom, the coffin is gently lowered three times, marking the solemnity of the moment.
  • A seasoned shaman typically guides Korean funeral ceremonies. When the procession arrives at the burial site, the shaman takes charge, leading the rituals and granting a direct connection to the spiritual realm.
  • In Korean funeral traditions, it is customary to make offerings of wine and food to the sacred mountain god. This act is performed as a request for the mountain god’s assistance in ensuring a safe passage to the afterlife for the deceased and safeguarding them from any potential dangers.
  • In a traditional Korean funeral, it’s common for family members to visit the grave of the deceased on the second and third days following the burial service. On the third day, family members express heartfelt commitments and typically keep photographs and ancestral tablets within their homes as a mark of respect.

At Sunnyside Mortuary, we recognize and value the importance of honoring tradition. Our goal is to provide our compassionate services with grace, understanding, and expertise as you say goodbye to your beloved departed. Contact us today at (714) 932-8091 for more info about how our Korean Mortuary in Garden Grove, CA, can help you create a meaningful and culturally fitting farewell.

FAQS About Korean Funeral:

What is a Korean funeral?

A Korean funeral is a traditional ceremony held to honor and remember the deceased. It includes various rituals and customs that reflect Korean culture and beliefs surrounding death and the afterlife.


What are the key components of a Korean funeral?

A Korean funeral typically includes a memorial service, a wake, a burial or cremation, ancestral rites, and mourning attire. These components can vary depending on regional and family traditions.


How long does a Korean funeral typically last?

The duration of a Korean funeral can vary, but it often lasts for three days. Some funerals may be shorter or longer, depending on family preferences and regional customs.