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Each time one enters a Chinese Mortuary in Buena Park, CA, it sparks curiosity – why do Chinese funerals last longer than others? In the journey to offer an understanding of this enigma, we cruise the realms of cultural norms and traditional rites, seeding ancient beliefs but resonating even today.

The Extensive Duration of Chinese Funerals

A typical Chinese funerary custom extends over one week, sometimes stretching up to 100 days or beyond. Some adhere to the three-year mourning period, marking an era of reflection and remembrance. These long durations have ties with the beliefs of providing the deceased an honorable send-off and time for the living to mourn and remember the departed.

Chinese Cultural Beliefs and Traditions

Chinese beliefs and traditions are the backbone of the extensive funeral ceremonies. Concepts from Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism tangle into a nuanced philosophy of death. The detailed rites, elaborate preparations, thoughtful processions, and lengthy mourning periods aim to enforce them, ensuring the soul’s tranquility in the afterlife journey.

Initial Preparations and the Burial Service

The primary phase of a Chinese death ceremony begins with the body’s washing, dressing, and embalming. Sealed in the casket with personal possessions for the next life, an altar hosts tribute offerings. This process reflects respect and inevitably adds to the duration of the ceremonies.

Respecting Funeral Etiquettes

Funerary customs specific to marital status, age, and social rank are indelible on the proceedings’ length. For instance, participants often dress in sackcloths when mourning elders, a deviation from the standard white attire. Carefully following these norms trademarks the respect characteristic to Chinese societies, fanning out the funeral duration.

Extended Mourning Period

Embedded in the deepest heart of Chinese culture is a mourning period that spans up to three years. Habits range from wearing a unique piece of colored cloth marking grief to the more profound social inhibitions, like refraining from festive celebrations. This enduring tradition adds depth and length to Chinese funerals.

The Ritual of Offerings and Mementos

A significant feature of a Chinese death ceremony lies in memory offerings and symbolic mementos for the deceased. Articles of daily use, faux money, and specially crafted items are burnt, signifying resources for the afterworld. This ritual also scales the funeral timeframe as an act of love and respect.

The Importance of Taoist and Buddhist PrayersChinese Mortuary Buena Park, CA

Soulful Buddhist or Taoist prayers led by a priest are a recurrent feature of Chinese funerals. The chants craft a spiritual channel calming the departed soul, relieving it from worldly bindings, and guiding it towards heavenly peace—a necessary slant in the trajectory of the funeral period.


As one deep dive into the rituals observed at Chinese funerals at Chinese Mortuary Buena Park, CA, or anywhere in the world, their unique timelines come to light. The extended duration of these ceremonies signifies more than just prolonged rites; it showcases a tapestry woven with enduring love, encompassing respect, overwhelming tribute, and an enduring commitment to honoring the departed.

Understanding these customs, especially at a challenging time, can be overwhelming. In times like these, one can find solace in working with experienced funeral homes like Sunnyside Mortuary. Our expert team is well-versed in various traditions and practices, especially Chinese funeral customs. Contact us at (714) 521-1010 as we not only help you embrace these spiritual pathways but also ensure that every step is carried out with the utmost respect and fidelity to cultural nuances.