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Every person’s estate will have different numbers of accounts that need to be transferred after the cremation services in Garden Grove, CA. Some common utilities and bills need to be addressed, and in some cases, the accounts may need to be shut down completely. Knowing how to get through this process is crucial, so we have created this helpful guide with some steps and tips to make the process easier.

What Type of Accounts Need to Be Considered?

Almost everyone has some type of utility that they utilize regularly, and the most common ones include:

There are also other types that the individual may have used that you will need to address, such as:

In most cases, the individual may have copies of the bills in areas like desks, filing cabinets, or stacks of mail. You can also access their bank statements and watch for automatic withdrawals to catch paperless others.

Who is Responsible for the Bills After the Loss?

The deceased estate is responsible for any remaining bills unless they are being used by someone else. If the person had a will, the appointed executor would be responsible for ensuring these are paid, and if there were no will or executor, the state would appoint someone to manage the estate.

Steps for Transferring the Utilities

If you or someone else needs to keep the utilities on, you will need to do a name transfer, and it is recommended to contact the company directly. The steps to follow are:

Steps for Closing Accounts cremation services in Garden Grove, CA

If the utilities are no longer in use, you will need to close down the accounts. Contacting the utility company can make this process easier, so you know you have the correct documentation.

We are Here to Offer You Expert Care and Services

Closing the accounts is just one part of the process, and this guide can help make the experience easier. And when you need expert cremation services in Garden Grove, CA, our team is here to help you. We work hard to provide memorable services based on compassion and care, so contact us today to get started.