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Before or after the cremation services in Buena Park, CA, some people will need to have a type of memorial service because it can express the grief around the loss and help promote healing. If you’ve been considering having an event that focuses more on joy, a celebration of life might be the right choice, so keep reading for more information.

What is a Celebration of Life?

A celebration of life is an event similar to a memorial service, but the focus is on highlighting the positive aspects of the individual life and how they affected others. It is a remembrance of the individual’s legacy their achievements and, in most cases, is not a formal gathering. These can be seen as lighthearted events, and the focus is on saying goodbye to them in a personalized and meaningful way.

Organizing the Event

Consider your budget before making any details because this will help give you a better understanding of what you can include at the event. You can then create a list of everyone attending the function and help you pick the space to hold it in.

Choosing where the event will be held in your next step, and because it is not a traditional memorial service, it’s not uncommon for celebrations of life to be held in local destinations like parks or even at the beach. You may also consider a spiritual center or a community area where multiple people can gather.

You can then pick the dates and times that you want to schedule the event and check with the venue to ensure they are available. If you are selecting a public area like a park and want a smaller and more private celebration, you may want to consider choosing a time of day when the less public will be there.

What are the Details You Can Include?

Celebrations of life can be an excellent way to showcase the loved one’s legacy and what they offer to the world. So, picking authentic and personalized details is key period a few of the most popular options include:

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This is just a summary of some of the ideas and considerations you must make if you choose a celebration of life. The focus is on making the event memorable and thoughtful, and this also applies to the cremation services in Buena Park, CA, which can be completed with the proper support. Planning the services doesn’t have to be a complex process, and because we understand what it takes to create a genuinely thoughtful event, we are experts you can trust. We offer affordable options and compassionate services, so contact us today for more information.