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Funeral homes in Buena Park, CA, are a starting place for creating thoughtful events, and if you are considering embalming for your loved one, it can be helpful to have some extra information. We want you to understand all the steps involved in this process, so we have created this article to help you make an informed decision.

What Does Embalming Offer?

Embalming has been around for thousands of years and was first incorporated in early cultures with mummification, but for Americans, it did not start becoming a regular part of the process until around the Civil War.

Embalming has been a service that individuals utilize when they need to keep their loved one’s body preserved for an extended period. Typically, this is due to the event having a viewing that will include an open casket experience, and they need the loved one to stay in a presentable state.

What are the Steps?

Once the deceased arrives at the funeral home, the body will need to be prepared. The first step is to clean the individual with a disinfectant to remove any dirt or fluids. They are then wiped downFuneral homes in Buena Park, CA and dried, and any facial hair is shaved off. The body will also be massaged to reduce the stiffness so the staff can move the individual more easily.

A small incision will be placed in an artery, and a formaldehyde solution will be pumped into the body, which flushes out the remaining blood in the veins. Once this happens, the body will begin to harden, and the organs have any gasses and body fluids removed and replaced by the embalming solution.

Cotton is placed inside the nose, and the face is in a neutral state. The eyes will also have caps placed under them to prevent any facial movements if the casket is disturbed. The cosmetologist will apply make-up to the skin to help give it a glow, and the hair will be styled to help make the loved one look as close as possible to their living state.

Nails will be manicured, and the body will be dressed in the clothing chosen by the loved ones. The cosmetologist will reference photos the family provides to help re-create the person’s look.

Other Considerations

The embalming process takes around an hour; however, the cosmetology portion can take longer depending on the family’s needs. The embalming can last a few days and up to a week, but this is all based on the environment, with humidity and temperatures directly affecting the body.

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