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Military funerals are typically orderly events, and the focus is to honor the veteran. Having an established routine that is not altered is crucial, and while working with funeral homes in Irvine, CA, can help you accomplish this, knowing what to add to the eulogy will enhance the experience. Military funerals are filled with symbolism and demonstrate respect for the individual, so let’s take a look at some essential considerations when writing a eulogy for a veteran.

How Long Did They Serve?

Taking time to get familiar with how long they served is crucial because it can help you set the tone for your speech. So, if the individual was a World War II veteran, chances are, they lived a long life and made more memories, and it may be appropriate to add some humor or lighthearted comments. However, if the individual died more quickly, humor may not be appropriate.

Express Your Emotions

You also want to avoid being objective and express your emotions. Adding in a more personalized viewpoint and expression of emotions is encouraged. You want to memorialize the individual and commemorate your relationship, and you can’t do that if you avoid talking about emotions.

Use the Right Language

Another essential consideration is military terminology. While you might believe you have a good understanding, in a lot of cases, it can just be pop culture, so don’t be dismissive, and be sure to use the appropriate language. Making a mistake in the terminology can come off as disrespectful and uncaring, so be sure to research and ensure any procedures in the military terms you mentioned are accurate.

Acknowledge their Time in Servicefuneral homes in Irvine, CA

While the individual may have lived a long life and have many different experiences worth mentioning in the eulogy, you do not want to disregard their career in the military. Be sure to acknowledge any sacrifices they made. If you don’t have one, in particular, it’s ok if you don’t need to be specific, and simply taking a moment to speak about their military career will be enough.

Add in a Meaningful Quote

If the individual had a favorite quote, proverb, or song lyrics, this could be another meaningful addition to the speech. It may also feel appropriate to pick something related to their time in the military, so finding a meaningful phrase can help tie the message together and emphasize any memories or stories you have included in the document.

We Offer Personalized Services

Delivering the eulogy can also feel challenging, so be sure to thoroughly edit the document and rehearse it to boost your confidence before it’s time to read it to the audience. And if you need professional and expert services with one of the funeral homes in Irvine, CA, our team is here to offer you compassionate care and support. We work hard to create truly memorable events and understand the pain of loss so contact us today if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment.