Funeral homes in Buena Park, CA

Funeral homes in Buena Park, CA, can be an essential option for helping you create an event that is truly thoughtful and memorable. If you choose traditional burial, it will require purchasing a casket, vault liner, headstone, and cemetery plot. Understanding the right option for your situation is essential, so here is additional information on cemetery plots to make the process easier.

Plot Types

There are four main plot types most found in cemeteries, and they include:


The single plot is the one you will experience the most when you visit the cemetery. This design is intended for a casket with one individual and is considered the most straightforward and affordable option.


Some families wish to be buried together; in this situation, a family plot can be the right choice. This option will include a specific section of the cemetery with multiple side-by-side graves and is traditionally enhanced by a monument or headstone with the family’s name.


Double plots are generally intended for individuals that want to be buried next to each other. This is a common option for couples; the graves can either be placed side by side or on top of each other in a double-depth plot. In this case, if you are looking for a more affordable option of the two, the double-depth is a better choice because it only takes up one space instead of two on the surface area.


The last plot option available is meant for cremated remains. The plot space will generally be the size of a standard casket space, so it can be an ideal option if you have multiple cremated family members that want to be laid to rest together in a burial style.

Cost of the SiteFuneral homes in Buena Park, CA

The cost of the cemetery plot will fluctuate depending on whether you are looking in an urban or a rural area, Because the more densely populated the space is, the more expensive it will be. The price is also based on if it is a public or private cemetery as well in the average starting price for a single plot in a private cemetery can be between $2000 and $5000, and in a public cemetery, the cost can range between $200 and $2000.

There may also be some additional maintenance fees that could be included, such as the intermittent fee. This covers the cost of opening and closing the plot, replacing the sod, and handling any closing paperwork and can range between $350 and go up to $2500 depending on the cemetery’s details.

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Many different steps go into creating traditional services at one of the funeral homes in Buena Park, CA, and the burial is just one aspect. Planning all the events doesn’t have to be a confusing process when you are working with a professional who understands what it takes to create a truly memorable event, and we are here to assist you. We offer exceptional services and care, so contact us today for more information.